HP DDS Cleaning Cartridge C5709A

HP DDS Cleaning Cartridge C5709A

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HP 4MM DDS DAT drive cleaning tape (C5709A) is suitable for all DDS DAT 4mm drives including DDS-1/DDS1/DDS 1, DDS-2/DDS2/DDS 2, DDS-3/DDS3/DDS 3, DDS-4/DDS4/DDS 4, DAT72/DAT 72/DDS-5/DDS5/DDS 5. DAT160 and DAT320 have their own special cleaning tapes.
Hewlett Packard DDS Data Cartridges are high-performance, reliable back-up, engineered to meet the exacting specifications of computer applications. HP DDS data cartridges are tested more thoroughly for use on HP drives than any other brand to provide optimum compatibility and performance.
The scale of these tests is unique to HP. To give you complete peace of mind HP carries out a unique range of quality measures and controls, including environmental testing, intensive day-to-day use, and shock and vibration. Trust your data to HP DDS Data Cartridges.

HP have discontinued the DDS Cleaning Cartridge (C5709A). We have 0 tapes available left in stock. Email sales@stutchdata.com.au or call (02) 9771 3533 for any enquiries.



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