Imation SLR5 4GB/8GB Data Cartridge

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The Imation SLR5-8GB data cartridge (66-0000-6631-7 or UPC: 11864) has a capacity of up to 4GB native or uncompressed and up to 8GB compressed capacity. The Imation SLR5 tape is 457m or 1500ft long. The SLR5 tapes are designed to be used in a SLR5 drive to Read or Write; or can also be used to Read and Write on a SLR32 drive also known as a MLR1 drive. The SLR5 tapes can be read only on a SLR6, SLR7, SLR24, SLR40, SLR50 (also called MLR3), SLR60 and SLR75 drives. The old name for the SLR5 drive was QIC-4GB 4DC.
Imation has teamed up with Tandberg Data who designed the QIC/SLR technology to produce the SLR (scalable linear recording) tape solution. Imation's media and Tandberg's drives are used in IBM AS/400 and AS-400 computer systems and many others.

Imation have discontinued the SLR5 Data Cartridge (66-0000-6631-7). We have 1 tapes left in stock. Email or call (02) 9771 3533 for any enquiries.



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