Maxell LTO Cartridge Analyser without Barcode Reader

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Maxell LTO 1, LTO 2, LTO 3, LTO 4, LTO 5, LTO 6 and LTO 7 Cartridge Memory Analyser. This Analyser has no LTO tape barcode reader.
All LTO Cartridges contain an internal memory chip called Cartridge Memory (CM).This chip contains vital information about the cartridge. Maxell CM Analyzer reads this information and extracts it into special software with a clear and concise display.
● Identify deteriorating cartridges before they fail
● Head off a problem before it becomes one
● Store mission critical data with confidence
● Establish quality standards for LTO cartridges and tape drives
Product Technical Details:
Maxell Software Display When in an "automatic mode", the Maxell CM reader automatically detects the presence of a cartridge, reads its memory chip, and displays the data. Save  The "save file" function allows you save the CM contents in a file. Save Cartridge History The "Save Cartridge History" function reads the CM and saves its contents in a file. This function allows you to rapidly read and save the CM contents of many cartridges. If you scan a cartridge that has been previously scanned, the Maxell software automatically finds and appends the previously saved file, allowing you to easily build a complete performance record for each cartridge. Open Opens and displays previously saved files. When more than one file is selected, the software performs a statistical analysis and displays statistical data including maximum, minimum, average, and standard deviation from the selected files. Regardless of the number of cartridges you evaluate, unacceptable cartridges will immediately be shown.
Data displayed with the Maxell CM reader includes:
Percentage of records in error
Recovered read & write errors
Unrecovered read & write errors
Servo errors & fatal servo errors
Number of bytes written & read
Number of cartridge loads
Age of cartridge
Details of the last four times the cartridge was used
Details of the drive(s) that the cartridge was used in
These LTO Analysers have been discontinued by Maxell and we only have 1 left in stock.



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