Maxell DVD-RW 5 Pack in Jewel Cases DRW47BDV

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These discs are discontinued and this is our current stock, and usually ship within 24 hours. If more are required we can usually source new, or if pushed re-certified tapes from US or Europe.
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The Maxell DVD-RW DRW47BDV is a 5 pack of discs in jewel cases and each disc has a capacity of 4.7GB or 120 minutes. The Maxell DVD-RW Disc DRW47BDV can be used in DVD drives with a speed up to 2x.
Maxell DVD+RW discs are the complete solution for your recording and storage needs. You can store up to 4.7GB worth data and video content for PC and entertainment applications. This equals up to two hours of high quality MPEG2 DVD video or a combination of both digital video and digital audio files, all on the same disc. This media is flexible.
Ideal for PC data, video, music, data archiving and other multimedia.
Durable up to 1000 rewritings.    
High Single-sided capacity of 4.77GB.
Conforms to the specifications as stated by the DVD for Re-recordable Disc v1.1.
Phase Change layer and optimized thermal conductivity achieve enhanced durability.
Compatible with all DVD-RW Drives
Data transferring
Video recording or authoring
Software development
Consumer video recording
Graphics and advertising applications
Home recording 
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DVD-RW 5 Pack

Maxell have discontinued the DVD-RW 5 Pack in Jewel cases and we only have 4 boxes of 5 discs left in stock. Email or call (02) 9771 3533 for any enquiries.

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Maxell Computer Tapes are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee. TECH SUPPORT 24/7/365 1.800.377.5887
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