Maxell SDLT2/SDLT II Tape Cartridges

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The Maxell SDLT2 tape or Maxell Super DLTtape II cartridge tape can hold 300GB native capacity and up to 600GB Compressed capacity.
Maxell SuperDLTtape II has nano-level metal particles, a protective cartridge and Maxell Super DLTtape II is the first product of NeoSMART Technology. Its high capacity of 300GB (600GB compressed data) helps make it an ideal medium for advanced data storage. New optical servo and backcoating technologies insure precision positioning and high-capacity recording.
Ceramic Armor Metal Particles feature high energy and superior durability optimized for Magneto-Resistive Cluster heads. Ultra-thin layer and ultra-smooth surface technologies. New leader buckle for accurate loading and new durable cartridge design. The new system can read data from DLTtape IV to insure continued access of valuable data.
Maxell have discontued this product and we do not have any left in stock. Please call us on 1300 788 824 or email us at for alternatives.



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