Pioneer DVD-R 4.7GB for Authoring

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The Pioneer DVD-R DVS-R4700SP/1VL21 is a 4.7GB disc that is recordable for authoring and conforms to authoring Version 2.0.
General: DVS-R4700SP
Disc Type: DVD-R
For Authoring: Yes
Number of Discs: 1
User data capacity: 4.7 GB / SIDE
Recording wavelength of laser diode 635 nm
Playback wavelength of laser diode 650 / 635 µm
Numerical aperture of objective 0,6 µm Minimum pit 0,40 µm
Track pitch 0,74 µm
Modulation 8 / 16, RLL (2,10)
Reference scanning velocity 3,49 m/s
Channel bit rate at reference velocity 26,16 Mbps
User data bit rate at reference velocity 11,08 Mbps
Dimensions DVS-R4700SP
Diameter 120,0 mm
Thickness 2 x 0,60 mm
Centre hole 15,0 mm

These DVD's for authoring have been discontinued by Pioneer and we only have 39 left in stock.



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