Proton Model 1100 Degaussing Wand

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The Proton Model 1100 degaussing wand provides economical destruction of confidential, sensitive and classified data. The Proton 1100 degausing wand provides secure degaussing in an environmentally friendly and cost effective way. The Proton degaussing wand is NSA evaluated and it meets or exceeds the the specifications for secure erasure of hard disk drives and other magnetic media. both longitudinal and perpendicular, as established by the US Dept of Defense and the US National Security Agency. The Proton Model 1100 degaussing wand case is a magnetic shield providing safe storage. No power is required to operate the wand and it is easy to handle weighing just 120 grams. The wand provides a 5,000 guass magnetic field intensity and is approved for LMR and PMR technology.

Wand weight: 120 grams
Wand dimensions: Length: 191mm x Height: 6mm x Width: 39mm (7.5" x 0.2" x 1.5")
Wand Case weight: 400 grams
Wand Case dimensions: Length: 102mm x Height: 26mm x Width: 51mm (4" x 1" x 2")
Wand Case Material: Tempered steel
Mag flux intensity: 12,000 guass
Magnetic field intensity: 5,000 guass
NSA/CSS evaluated product
No power required

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