Quantum i40 Tape Library with two SAS LTO6 drives & 25 tape slots

$13,200.00 incl. GST

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The Quantum i40 tape library model LSC14-CB6N-219G is a 25 x LTO tape slot tape library (upgradable to 40 slots) with two SAS connected LTO6HH drives installed. The Quantum LTO6 i40 tape library has a speed of 6Gb/s SAS to the host. The Quantum LTO6 i40 tape library costs little more than two tape drives but offers a large capacity tape storage for automated backups and archival storage. There are options for installation and extended warranty on this library. Quantum, the worldwide leader in tape automation, developed the Scalar i40 tape library to simplify storage management for SMB and remote office environments. Over 48,000 iLayer libraries have shipped, providing users with simpler tape management, greater reliability, and investment protection through capacity-on-demand (COD) scalability. Whether this is your first automated tape library or your hundredth, you will appreciate the time and money saved with the Scalar i40. And if preventing your data from getting into the wrong hands is important, the Scalar i40 offers encryption and key management solutions to set your mind at ease. Quantum have announced EOL on these i40 tape libraries but they are still available while Quantum stocks last. We also have 1 left in stock.



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