Sony DVD-R 50 Disc Spindle 50DMR47SP

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The Sony DVD-R 50DMR47SP is a 50 disc spindle 16x and each disc has a capacity of 4.7GB or 120 minutes. The Sony DVD-R Disc 50DMR47SP can be used in DVD drives with a speed up to 16x.
* Create and store all your digital video, audio and multimedia files with Sony 16X DVD-R Data Storage Media 50 pack
* Each DVD-R stores features AccuCORE Technology and stores up to 4.7GB or more than 2 hours of MPEG2 video
* With 7 times the storage capacity of a CDR, that's a whole lotta storage! In a 50 pack spindle.

Sony have discontinued the DVD-R 50 Disc Spindle 50DMR47SP and are out ofstock.



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