Sony Mini DV 60mins ME Digital Video Cassette DVM60EX2

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The Sony Mini DV 60 minute Digital Video Cassette DVM60EX2 has a SP length of 60 minutes and a LP length of 90 minutes. This Sony Mini DV cartridge has Metal Evaporated (ME) particles for higher quality, producing an Excellence grade tape and has single layer protection back-coating. The Sony mini DV tape is designed for use in video recorders displaying the Mini DV mark. Sony have discontinued the Mini DV 60 mins Digital Video Cassette DVM60EX2 and but we do have 4 coloured ones (red, purple, orange, green) and 1 standard DVM60EX2 left in stock. We do have a Maxell Mini DV ME DVM60SE cassette SP 60mins and LP 90mins as well.



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