Sony Mini DV 60Min Cartridge DVM60PR 1 pack

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SONY Digital Video Cassette MiniDV 60min 1 pack DVM60PR. This tape has high durability and superior tape transport, single layer protective back coating with 60 minute (SP) short play and 90 minute (LP) long play. 
Sony MiniDV tapes keep your memories alive with outstanding picture quality, thanks to linear technology.
* Records up to 60 minutes in SP mode or 90 minutes in LP mode
* Carbon coated for added durability,
* Can be used in all digital video cameras that have the MiniDV Logo, Including, Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Samsung, LG.
Sony have discontinued the Mini DV 60min Video Cassette (DVM60PR). We only have 5 of the single cassettes available left in stock. Email or call (02) 9771 3533 for any enquiries.



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