Verbatim DVD-RAM 4.7GB Type 4 Slide Case 95002

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The Verbatim DVD-RAM 95002 discs have a capacity of 4.7GB and a speed of up to 3X. The DVD-RAM 4.7GB disc is the Type 4 slide case version and price is per disc.
The Verbatim DVD-RAM 4.7GB disc is a Type 4 slide case version. Price is per disc.
With functionality similar to an external hard drive, Verbatims 4.7GB DVD-RAM 3X is designed for data intensive, high-performance applications. You can add to or write over data stored on a DVD-RAM more than 100,000 times. These discs include a protective hard coat applied to the recording side that safeguards them from everyday handling... fingerprints, smudges, and scratches. Packaged in slim cases, Verbatim DVD-RAM media are compatible with DVD video recorders and drives from Panasonic, Samsung, JVC, Toshiba, Hitachi, LG and others.
* 4.7GB single-sided media in disc-removable Type 4 cartridge
* 3X high speed recording & high capacity data transfer
* Store 120min of high quality DVD video
* Phase change technology recording
* Provides high reliability & random access editing
* Drag & drop storage just like a hard disk
* Write/rewrite more than 100,000 times
* Hard coating protects disc from scratches and fingerprints
* Designed for data intensive, high performance applications
* Compatible with DVD-RAM drives and video recorders from Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, JVC, Samsung, and LG.
* Limited Lifetime Warranty



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