About Us

Stutch Data Services Pty Ltd

We are a computer data storage media, hardware and software supply company located in Sydney, Australia. The staff at Stutch Data have worked in various large organisation's IT departments in Mainframe Operations, Help Desk, Systems and Network Support, Data Recovery, Data Destruction, Offsite Storage, Disaster Recovery, Data Protection and Storage Solutions Sales, Marketing, Operations and Management. We supply data and video tapes and their cleaning tapes, new tape libraries and tape drives, rental of tape drives and their accessories including older technology, tape library and drive upgrades and accessories including tape barcode labels, tape library and tape drive repairs, CD/DVD/Bluray disc drives and discs, degaussers, hard drive and SSD crushers; tape, hard disk drive, CD/DVD/Bluray destruction, dat/equipment cases, tape/disc firesafes and flash drives.   

The General Manager, Richard Stutchbury was a founder of a number of Australian offsite tape storage companies, all still operating today. Stutch Data Services is a wholly Australian owned company based in Sydney and was started in May, 2000. We specialise in tape and data storage, supply and services to Government, Business and Medical Information Technology departments. We also supply computer consumables to our clients. We assist our clients and customers in choosing the right products and services to ensure their data is available to them at all times, protected for as long as it is needed, and appropriately disposed of when it is no longer required.