Repair, Lease or Hire of Tape Drives and Libraries

We offer a repair service for all your tape drives, autoloaders or tape libraries. We carry a large inventory of parts with the expertise to repair drives or libraries, or recommend a replacement if your equipment is unrepairable or not worth repairing. We can also offer short (weekly) or longer term (monthly) lease of tape drives, autoloaders or tape libraries while you are waiting for a repair, or just in between technologies. You may have old tapes you no longer have a drive for! We have new and re-furbished drives to upgrade or replace drives in tape libraries. Call or email us with your requirements!

We have a great range of new and old technologies including refurbished LTO1 through to LTO8 tape drives for libraries, autoloaders, external drives or server/internal drives, RDX drives, DLT and SDLT drives and libraries; and AIT, VXA, 8MM, DDS, DAT, CD, DVD, BluRay as well as floppy disk drives. Please call or email us to see if we can assist.