Tape Barcode Labels

We can supply NetC and/or Tri-Optic barcode labels for your LTO, 3592, T10000, 3590, 3570, 3490, 3480, 9940, 9840, SDLT, DLT, AIT, DDS/DAT and MO library requirements. 

  • LTO Tape Barcode Labels LTO Tape Barcode Labels We have available HP now HPE LTO barcode label packs with 100 random data labels and 10 random cleaning labels. Otherwise we can custom design an LTO barcode label to suit your needs.
  • SDLT & DLT Tape Barcode Labels DLT & SDLT Tape Barcode Labels We can supply tape DLT1V, DLT VS, SDLT1, SDLT2 and DLT S4 tape barcode labels to your requirements.
  • Barcode Labels for other Tapes Barcode Labels for other Tapes Tape Barcode Labels for all tapes used in tape autoloaders and tape libraries. These include 3590/3592, 9840/9940 & T10k data tapes and their cleaning tapes. These barcode labels allow you to identify each tape individually with a human readable lab...