Degaussing & Destruction

Degaussing Explained

Degaussing is applying a strong magnetic field to computer tapes, hard disks, audio/video tapes and magnetic recordings. This field reduces the signal in the magnetic particles (coercitivity) on the recording surface to zeros, removing the data, format and any stray signals between tracks called white noise. This process gives a better quality recording surface if the item is to be re-used, and destroys the data permanently for security purposes. Certain types of magnetic recording media cannot be re-used once degaussed, which include hard disk drives, LTO tapes, 3570 tapes, 3590/3592 tapes, 9840/9940/T10k tapes and Zip disks. We can also remove data from credit cards, security swipe passes, storage cards and memory sticks. You protect your data from creation to its last days; don’t let it fall into the wrong hands. Remember re-formatting doesn’t remove the data, the data is still there and it can still be recovered. Only degaussing magnetic media actually removes the data and prevents it from being recovered!

Degaussing Service

We offer degaussing as a service, either at your site or at ours to top secret/confidential security standards. We supply to you a signed degaussing/destruction certificate and can include the media degaussed, its label and the date. The price starts at around $2.00 ex GST per tape, but depends on what it is being degaussed as Hard Disk Drives can cost more and can be lower if there are large amounts with quantity discounts.

Hard Drive Destruction Service

We offer a physical hard drive, drive destruction service. We can bring a Garner PD-4 or PD-5 hard drive crusher/destroyer to physically destroy your hard drives at your site or ours. Some clients prefer to have their disks physically destroyed after it is degaussed, or like to have the drives just physically destroyed. The machine drives a steel wedge through the platters rendering the drive and disks unuseable and damaged beyond repair. The PD-4 and PD-5 is in use by government and the miltary in many countries to ensure their hard drive data does not fall into the wrong hands!

Sale of Degaussers

We also can sell you a suitable degausser for your site's needs. Please contact us with your requirements to see if we have a suitable degausser for your needs.

Blu-Ray/CD/DVD Surface Destruction Service

We offer a service where we can pass CD's, DVD's and Blu-Ray discs through our disk data destroyer. This machine pits the surface on both sides of the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray rendering all data destroyed and unreadable. The process can be done very quickly and cheaply at your site or ours! Call or email for a quote.