Application of Tape Barcode Labels


Stutch Data can produce tape barcode labels for all tape libraries and autoloaders, using many styles and colours. This allows us to customise your labels to match the existing ones, or create a new series to your requirements. We can use standard styles and colours or customise something individual.

We also supply the HPE/HP LTO tape barcode label packs. These HPE/HP LTO label packs consist of 100 data tape barcode labels, and 10 cleaning tape barcode labels. They are random label sequences and are are guaranteed by HP not to have a repeated label, and are ready to apply to your LTO data or cleaning tapes. 

The Pre-Labelling Process

If tape barcode labels are required to be attached to the tapes ready for use, we offer a pre-labelling service. We open the new tapes and apply the barcode labels of your choice to them so they are ready for use as soon as they arrive. This also ensures the labels are put on correctly, your staff's time is not wasted doing menial tasks, and labels are not lost in drawers etc. and you don't have to dispose of all the tape packaging. We mark the boxes with the sequence of tapes inside so it is easy to identify which tape/series is next. Please consider this option as a more cost effective solution than applying the labels yourself considering the cost of your staff's time, their workload, lost labels and the accuracy of the label application. It's much easier to just load the tapes into your library as they are required rather than labelling each time new tapes are required.

Details we need to produce your Barcode Labels:

  • Your tape library make and model
  • The sequence of Alpha/Numeric characters for the tape label
  • The generation of tape LTO4, LTO5, LTO6, LTO7, LTO8 M8, LTO8, LTO Cleaning, 3592JA, 3592JB, 3592JC, 3592JD, 3592JE, 3592 Cleaning, T10k T1, T10k T2 and T10k Cleaning tape etc.
  • Any additional information or colours required on the labels
  • If we are matching your existing labels, we would also need a picture to help us match it
  • Please advise if you would just like the random HPE/HP barcode labels attached