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  • Imation LTO1 Ultrium1 Data Cartridge

    Imation LTO1 Ultrium1 Data Cartridge


    The Imation LTO1 tape or Imation LTO Ultrium1 Data Cartridge has up to 100GB native capacity and up to 200GB compressed capacity. The Imation LTO1 tape cartridge is suitable for read and write in...
  • Fujifilm LTO6 LTO Ultrium6 Data Cartridge

    Fujifilm LTO6 Ultrium6 Data Cartridge


    The Fuji LTO6 tape cartridge or Fujifilm LTO Ultrium 6 Data Cartridge 71024 hold up to 2.5TB in native or uncompressed capacity and up to 6.25TB of compressed capacity. Fuji LTO6 data cartridges have...
  • Garner HD-3WXLE Degausser

    Garner HD-3WXLE Degausser


    The Garner HD-3WXLE can degauss magnetically recorded media like tapes and hard drives quickly and efficiently. The HD-3WXLE weighs 30kg's and therefore is portable in it's optional transport case...
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