FujiFilm Data Tape Care and Handling Guide - Important information to preserve tapes and ensure data is safe

FujiFilm Tape Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Fujifilm LTO Ultrium Tape Cartridges Fujifilm LTO Ultrium Tape Cartridges Fujifilm offer the complete range of LTO Ultrium tapes for LTO1 to LTO8. Fuji also have the LTO Universal Cleaning cartridge for cleaning all LTO Ultrium tape drives.
  • Fujifilm 3592 Tape Cartridges Fujifilm 3592 Tape Cartridges Fuji or Fujifilm supply the 3592 JA data cartridge and the 3592 cleaning cartridge to clean 3592 tape drives.
  • Fujifilm DDS/DAT Tape Cartridges Fujifilm DDS/DAT Tape Cartridges Buy FujiFilm DDS/DAT tape cartridges online or call Stutch Data Services on 1300788824 located in Sydney, Australia. Original FujiFilm products with FujiFilm Australian Warranty and stock for fast delivery.
  • Fujifilm DLT/SDLT Tape Cartridges Fujifilm DLT/SDLT Tape Cartridges FujiFilm DLT & SDLT tape cartridges or Fuji DLT & SDLT tape cartridges have been discontinued and we have the last of the stock available.