LTO Ultrium Tape Cartridges

LTO Ultrium Tape Cartridges

Tape has never had a brighter future for archive, backup and restore. Please view this video on data tape's use now and into the future. Tape is here to rescue Big Data and the Cloud

LTO Cartridge HandlingHandle the LTO cartridge carefully as it may be damaged if dropped. Tape barcode, RFID barcode or other labels should only be placed on the recessed area on the front side next to the Write Protect switch. When not in use the cartridge should be stored in it's plastic clamshell case. Do not store or transport the cartridge in direct sunlight. LTO cartridges should always be acclimatised for at least 24 hours in the environment they will be used. Failing to do this can damage the tape surface and reduce its reliability and life.

Setting the Write Protect Switch on LTO TapesIf the switch located next to the label recess is switched to the far right lock symbol the tape cannot be written to. If the switch is switched to the far left blank, the tape can be written to. Please ensure it it set to one side or the other.

To Load or Unload an LTO cartridge into an LTO Ultrium DriveEnsure the drive is switched on and the write protect switch is properly set (see above). Hold the cartridge so the write protect switch (on the left) and label recess faces you and then slide the cartridge into the drive. Unloading just requires pressing the unload button and you can remove the cartridge the same way you inserted it.

LTFS (Linear Tape File System) - Is an open standard file system format implemented for LTO5 - LTO8 tapes. It allows data on these LTO tapes to be handled as files like on a hard drive. There is a meta data area on the tape, allowing users to avoid dependence on backup software, while allowing cross platform data exchanges.

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