Stutch Data offers pre-barcoding with all tapes used in a library/autoloader

Stutch Data Services now offers pre-barcoding or pre-labelling with all tapes used in a tape library or autoloader. This includes LTO Ultrium 1, LTO Ultrium 2, LTO Ultrium 3, LTO Ultrium 4, LTO Ultrium 5, LTO Ultrium 6, LTO Ultrium 7 tapes, LTO7 M8 or LTO M8 tapes, LTO8 tapes and LTO Ultrium Cleaning tapes. We also offer this service for 3592JA, 3592JB, 3592JC and 3592JD; T10000T1, T10000T2; and SDLT data cartridges and their cleaning tapes. This helps prevent lost barcode label sheets in drawers, your staff's time, staying back labelling when tapes are needed, and lastly that your labels are applied correctly and accurately. Call 1300 STUTCH or 1300 788 824 or email for a quote.