Garner PD-5 Hard Drive Destroyer

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The Garner PD-5 hard drive destroyer PD-5E is the highest speed, highest powered and lightest NSA/CSS EPL-listed hard drive destroyer on the market. rushes the hard drive by bending it in half. The PD-5 meets evolving technology challenges by increasing the speed, amplifying the crushing power, and offering an optional SSD-1 solid-state destroyer that both perforates and crushes solid-state media, flash drives, USB thumb drives, and SSHD controller boards.
By adding IRONCLAD to your PD-5 and you can generate a Certificate of Destruction with crush depth from the PD-5. The PD-5 is also compatible with the SCAN-1 Media Destruction Report Generator.
The Garner PD-5 is listed on the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List (EPL) for Hard Drive Bending Devices. The PD-5 meets the toughest standards for bending hard drives containing U.S. government classified top-secret data, as well as all other government and industry standards for data destruction prior to disposal.
The Garner PD-5 delivers approximately 20,000 pounds of crushing power to hard drives and completes the work in under 18 seconds.
Please note this is just for a Garner PD-5 destroyer. The other products like SSD1, transport case, IRONCLAD and SCAN-1 are add-ons.

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Warranty Information

Warranty PD-5: One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty standard, optional three-year limited warranty available PD-5E: One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty standard
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