LTO8, LTO Ultrium 8 Data Cartridges

The LTO8 tapes are available in all brands in Australia!

The LTO8 tape has a capacity of up to 12TB native and up to 30TB compressed. LTO8 tape library owners can still use the the Type 'M' or M8 tape which has a capacity of up to 9TB native and up to 22.5TB compressed. Both the LTO7 M8 tape and the LTO8 tape itself have the same speed for read and write. The new LTO8 stand-alone drives will be able to read and write to LTO7 tapes, the pre-formatted LTO7 Type M or M8 tapes (unless you use a Quantum stand-alone drive as they can format them with a utility) and the LTO8 tapes.

Please note that LTO8 drives will not be able to read or write to LTO6 tapes which is the first time ever an LTO drive cannot read back two generations! This could apply to the LTO7 tapes, LTO7 M8 or Type M tapes and therefore LTO9 drives will probably not read them!

LTO8 Tape Cartridges

LTO7 M8 or Type M Tape Cartridges