DataDry Moisture Absorber

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DataDry Moisture Absorber The Moisture Absorbing Miracle (TM)
Why You Need DataDry?
* Today's high density media contains smaller metal particles that corrode quicker.
* With a higher areal density, a greater number of bits are lost for the same defect size.
* Newer tape and optical media may have a humidity tolerance as low as 20% RH. Check manufacturer's specifications.
* Controlled humidity results in fewer data errors and extended life expectancy of media.
How DataDry Works:
DataDry uses a special absorbent material that attracts water vapour and holds it physically through surface absorption. One canister will maintain a safe level of humidity within a 3 cubic foot sealed space. For most effective drying, use in a small enclosed space. Do not submerge canister in liquid of any kind. Maximum Media Protection DataDry Moisture Absorber protects all types of media from deterioration, rust, corrosion, mold, mildew, de-alloying and other damage caused by moisture and humidity.
Simply place the DataDry canister along with your media (computer generated, paper, microfiche, photographs and negatives) and all moisture and humidity within a 3 cubic foot area is absorbed.
Other uses for DataDry (Home or Office):
* Safes * Plastic Storage Containers * Gun Cases and Safes * All Type of Collectibles * Tool Boxes * Photographic Film & Negative Storage * Safe Deposit Boxes * Microfilm & Microfiche Storage * Clothes Closets * Filing Cabinets * Ski Equipment & Storage Bags * All types of footwear including sneakers, golf shoes, work boots, ski boots and in-line skates. Dries footwear and eliminates odor and fungus growth.

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