Quantum LTO8 M8 Ultrium8 M8 Pre-barcoded Data Cartridge

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The Quantum LTO8 M8 Ultrium M8 Data Cartridge MR-L7MQN-01 holds up to 9TB in native or uncompressed capacity, with up to 22.5TB of compressed data. The Quantum LTO 8 M8 cartridge has a higher speed of 360MB/sec while writing native and a speed of up to 900MB/sec when writing in compressed mode. The Quantum LTO8 M8 tape cartridge is in fact an LTO7 tape cartridge with a special barcode applied to allow it to be used in an LTO8 drive with the higher capacity and speed. The Quantum LTO8 M8 tape is not pre-initialised and therefore if the LTO8 drive and library have to have the latest release of firmware and the tape has the correct M8 barcode, the LTO8 drive in the tape library will initialise it as an LTO8 M8 tape with higher capacity and speed than the LTO7 tape it originally was. This will not work with LTO7 tapes used previously, or with LTO8 drives which do not have the latest version of firmware applied. Always check with your LTO8 tape drive or library manufacturer to ensure it can initialise the tapes.

Quantum LTO-8 Type M Formatted LTO-7 Media explanation.pdf



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