Turtle Waterproof 039 3.5" Hard Drive Case - 20 capacity 07-039002

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The Turtle Waterproof 039 3.5" Hard Drive Case 07-039002 will hold up to 20 x 3.5" hard drives without their trays or sleds. The Turtle waterproof 039 3.5" hard drive case is an airtight, waterproof ATA certified case with anti-static foam inserts to fully protect your valuable hard drives and the data they hold.
* Stainless steel hardware
* Double movement latches prevent accidental opening for added protection
* Double padlockable or security sealable
Part Number 07-039002
UPC 702119679190
Weight 7.1000 / 2.6kg
Inside Dimensions 18" x 13" x 6.9" / 45.7cm x 33cm x 17.5cm
Outside Dimensions 19.8" x 16" x 7.6" / 50cm x 4.6cm x 19.3cm
Waterproof Yes
Fireproof N/A
Recommended accessories: TL5020 brass padlock (comes with 2 keys)



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