Verbatim BD-R 25GB 25 Disc Spindle White Wide Inkjet Printable 43738

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The Verbatim Blu-Ray BD-R 43751 is a 25 disc spindle and each disc has a capacity of 25GB and is white wide (hub) inkjet printable. They are perfect for recording HD video, storing large amounts of photos or music and creating your own labels. The Verbatim BD-R Disc 43751 can be used in Blu-Ray drives with a speed up to 6x. Some of the newer drives can achieve 8x, 10x or even 12x using these discs.
Verbatim Blu-Ray BD-R 25GB White Wide Inkjet 25 pack spindle 6x disc has a white surface for inkjet printing up to the hub with printable diameter 21-118mm.
These discs are safeguarded by Verbatim's super hard coat which protects against everyday wear and tear. With the rapid growth of HDTV, Blu-ray will meet the consumer demand for recording HD programming and is expected to replace VCRs and DVD recorders over the coming years.
Features and benefits:
* 6x Recording
* Wide Inkjet for edge to edge printing
* Supported by major electric companies (Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic, Samsung.
* Recordable format for HDTV recording and PC data storage
* Utilises a blue-violet laser to read and write data allowing for more data storage on a disc with the same size as a CD/DVD
* Wide power margin of Verbatim BD-media ensures superior drive compatibility
* Super hard coat protects data from scratches
* BD-R recording hardware is required for recording
* Blu-ray player can also be used for BD-R media playback



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