Verbatim Blu-ray Black External Slimline Mobile Writer USB 3.0 43887

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The Verbatim Blu-ray Black External Slimline Mobile Writer 43887 is a USB 3.0 drive/burner. It is a compact and lightweight external Blu-ray drive and recorder in one. I has a slim design based on it's aluminium enclosure and is ideally suited for use with a notebook or ultrabook. Power is provided by the USB port through a USB Y cable and includes Nero Burn & Archive software so you can easily create your own Blu-ray, DVD or CD archive. The Verbatim Blu-ray writer is fully compliant with MDISC™ archiving technology giving you greater capacity. This writer will store up to 100GB on a BDXL Disc, 8.5GB on a double layer DVD and up to 4.7GB on a standard DVD.
Blu-ray discs are becoming known as the best products to archive valuable data. This is due to their 'future-proof' format, wide range compatibility, high capacity and their extremely long product life when compared to HDD's and magnetic tapes. Unfortunately many vendors choose to leave the optical drive out of their notebooks in favour of slim designs. Verbatim has the solution with the External Slimline Blu-ray Writer.
This drive/writer is what you need if you own a notebook, ultrabook or netbook or other device that does not include a Blu-ray Writer. Use it to create a back-up of all the important files that you don't want to lose, family pictures, videos, accounting documents etc.
The Verbatim External Slimline Blu-ray Writer is USB powered so no power adapter is needed. It is only a little larger than a Blu-ray disc itself, so it is easy to transport.
The drive comes with Nero Burn and Archive software which includes numerous special features including DiscSpan, MediaHome and SecureDisc Technology to help you successfully organise, burn and archive your important files. This software will only suitable for PC's.



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