Verbatim CD-RW 5 Pack Colour Slim Jewel Case 43133

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The Verbatim CD-RW 43133 is a 5 disc pack in coloured slim jewel cases and each disc has a capacity of 700MB or 80 minutes. The Verbatim CD-RW 43133 discs can be used in drives with a speed 2x to 4x. The Verbatim CD-RW set the standard for performance, compatibility, and reliability. Each pack has a 5 colour assortment of CD-RW that adds simplicity to organise your data and important files with bright vibrant colours such as yellow, blue, purple, pink, and green. These discs can be erased and rewritten to multiple times. Verbatim 2X-4X CDRW media is ideal for drag & drop recording using packet writing software such as DirectCD. Look to Verbatim's CD-RW discs to store digital images, data back-up and desktop file storage.
Features and benefits:
* 2X-4X speed rewrite compatibility
* Rewritable up to 1000 times
* Read compatible with multi-read CD & DVD drives
* Vibrant colour media for easy filing
* Verbatim Lifetime Warranty



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