Verbatim Wireless Optical Multi-Trac Blue LED Black Mouse 97992

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The Verbatim Mouse 97992 is a wireless optical multi-trac black mouse with a blue LED. The Blue LED allows you to navigate your computer anywhere, on virtually any surface with precision and control without the annoyance of it not working on some surfaces. The multi-surface Blue LED technology allows this mouse to be used on a glass desk surface, granite counter tops, hardwood floors, or even airport carpeting.
The Verbatim Wireless Optical Multi-Trac Blue LED Black Mouse has a contour shape allowing comfortable use for hours with its ergo-friendly shape and easy grip surface.
It is wireless so just plug in the Nano receiver and forgot about it! The small receiver plugs into your laptop's port and can stay; no need to plug and unplug bulky receiver or deal with cords.
Low Power – Efficient low power consumption requires only one AA battery.
* Blue LED technology may not work on some glass or mirrored surfaces.
System Requirements:
* Interface: USB 2.0
* Operating System: Windows 7 or higher, 2000, Vista, Mac OS 10.4.X and higher



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