XpresspaX Half Inch 9940/T10K/3590/3592 Tape Insert Tray

$21.45 incl. GST

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The Xpresspax Half-Inch (1/2") tape media insert tray will hold 20 tapes. These include 9490, 9840,9940, T10000 or T10k tapes; 3480, 3490, 3590 or 3592 tapes. These I-2 insert trays will fit in the single and dual cases. A single case will hold 1 tray insert and therefore has a capacity of 20 tapes, and a dual case will hold 2 tray inserts and therefore has a capacity of 40 tapes. Trays and cases are sold separately to allow flexibility of media held in the cases.
If purchasing cases and inserts together, please contact us for a quote on freight prior to completing your order. We will send inserts in the cases to reduce the shipping costs.



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