Fujifilm Mini DV ME 33min Professional HDV/DV Cassette DV171HD 33S

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These tapes are discontinued and this is our current stock, and usually ship within 24 hours.
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The Fujifilm Professional HDV/DV/Mini DV ME33 Digital Video Cassette is a 33 minute cassette tape when used in HDV video cameras or DV camcorders. Fuji uses the highest quality Metal Evaporated (ME) cobalt magnetic particles applied directly to the base tape film using Fujifilms advanced vacuum deposition technologies. The Fujifilm DV171HD 33S small cassette tape is designed for use in high quality HDV, DV or miniDV cameras and camcorders. The Fujifilm DV171HD 33S is the highest quality HDV/DV/Mini DV tape made by Fujifilm ensuring high output and excellent C/N characteristics, so they will produce excellent results across the frequency spectrum. The DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) protective layer and special lubricant ensures excellent storage stability and durability, even after repeated use. The rugged hard cases are equipped with side lock mechanisms to prevent them from springing open if dropped, and to be stacked and carried more safely.  The Fujifilm DV141HD 33S cassette tape has a recording time in HDV/DV(SP Mode) of 33 minutes, in DV(LP Mode) of up to 66 minutes and professional HDV or PRO mode of 22 minutes. They can be used in any HDV, DV and miniDV Camera, Camcorder, Handycam, or Video Recorder bearing the HDV, DV or MiniDV logo.

These Mini DDV/DV video cassette 33 minutes DV171HD 33S has been discontinued by Fujifulm and we have limited numbers left in stock. These tapes are also available to overseas buyers so please use "contact us" if you wish to purchase some as our online store is only available to Australian and New Zealand buyers.

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