Panasonic Mini DV 63min Professional Digital Video Cassette AY-DVM63PQ

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These digital video cassette tapes are discontinued and this is our current stock, and usually ship within 24 hours.
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The Panasonic AY-DVM63PQ 63min Digital Video Cassette or MiniDV Tape is a single tape cassette of professional quality, but can be used in all good quality Panasonic digital video cameras and other brand quality digital video cameras. The Panasonic  DVM63 or ME63 is one of the highest quality Mini DV tapes made by Panasonic with improved electrical properties and lower error rates, they will produce excellent results. The DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) layer and special lubricant ensures excellent storage stability and durability, even after repeated use. The anti-static lid is designed to repel dust which can cause degredation of the tape and heads. The Panasonic AY-DVM63PQ cassette tape is 73.8m long, 63min Short Play and can be used in any HDV, Camcorder, Handycam, or Video Recorder bearing the Mini DV or MiniDV logo.

  • Studio quality mini DV tape with high quality picture and sound
  • Compact and durable case with dust safeguard
  • For use in digital video camcorders
  • High-end professional tapes for studio recording
  • High output level from a 4X density tape
  • Enhanced reliability & low error rates due to careful tape screening
  • ABS Resin cassette with anti-static lid that repels dirt in spite of long term storage
  • Format: Mini DV
  • Run Time: 63 min
  • Panasonic Part Number: AY-DVM-63PQ which replaces AYDVM63PQ
  • Alternate Part Number: AYDVM63PQ
  • Alternate Part Number: AYDVM63PQUS

Panasonic have discontinued mini DV 63min Professional Digital Video Cassette AY-DVM63PQ and therefore we have limited numbers in stock. These are also available for overseas purchase as well so please use "contact us" for any enquiries as our website will only allow sales to Australia & New Zealand.

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