Garner HD-3WXLE Degausser

$18,482.23 incl. GST

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The Garner HD-3WXLE can degauss magnetically recorded media like tapes and hard drives quickly and efficiently. The HD-3WXLE weighs 30kg's and therefore is portable in it's optional transport case with wheels. The HD-3WXLE has a continuous duty cycle and erases hard drives within 10 seconds, up to 6 per minute. The HD-3WXLE operates on standard wall electricity outlet and completly erases high coercivity hard drives and tape with it's magnetic field of 9.300 guass (0.93 Tesla). The HD-3WXLE has a manufacturer's 1 year warranty and has the option to add up to 4 additional years warranty if required. There is also a destruction package called IRONCLAD which includes this HD-3WXLE degausser and a PD-4 or PD-5 destroyer and the IRONCLAD Erasure verification system, with further options of workstations, colour coded trays/bins etc.



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