HP DLT VS1 Data Cartridges C8007A

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HP DLT VS1 Data Cartridges C8007A, with 80 GB native and 160GB compressed capacity for a DLT V160 drive and 160GB native and up to 320GB compressed for DLT-V4 drives.
* Native Data Capacity: 80GB (160GB with DLT-V4)
* Compressed Data Capacity: 160GB (320GB with DLT-V4)
* Data Transfer Rate: 8MB / Sec.
* Tape Type: Advanced Metal Particle
* Cartridge Durability: 10,000 Load/Unloads/Threads

HP have discontinued the DLT VS1 Data cartridge C8007A. We have 1 left in stock. Please call us on 1300 788 824 or email us at sales@stutchdata.com.au for alternatives.



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