HPE LTO-7 Ultrium RW Barcode Label Pack Q2014A

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The HPE LTO7 Ultrium RW Barcode Label Pack Q2014A are random barcode label sequences for HPE LTO Ultrium 7 tape users. The HPE LTO7 Ultrium 7 RW barcode label pack provides LTO7 compatible labels with single horizontal format with L7 media generation identifier. These LTO-7 tape barcode labels are compatible with all HPE LTO Ultrium 7 cartridges and their libraries, and nearly all other branded LTO Ultrium 7 tapes and their libraries. Each HPE LTO Ultrium 7 pack contains 100 unique LTO7 tape re-writeable (RW) data barcode labels and 10 LTO cleaning tape barcode labels. No two pack sequences are ever identical to avoid data integrity issues in archives.



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