IBM LTO 3 Ultrium 3 Data Cartridge 24R1922

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The IBM LTO3 data cartridge or IBM LTO Ultrium 3 tape cartridge 24R1922 has up to 400GB native capacity and up to 800GB compressed capacity. The IBM LTO Ultrium 3 data cartridge 24R1922 has a transfer rate of up to 80MB/sec while writing data in native format and up to 160MB/sec while writing data in compressed format. The IBM LTO 3 tapes are backward compatible and therefore suitable to be read and written to in all LTO3 or LTO Ultrium 3 tape drives, read and written to in all LTO4 or LTO Ultrium 4 tape drives, and can be read only in all LTO5 or LTO Ultrium 5 tape drives. For the option of LTO barcode labels attached to your tapes please see Application of Tape Barcode Labels for details. Drives that use the IBM LTO Ultrium 3 data cartridges 24R1922 are recommended to use the IBM LTO Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridge 35L2086 to keep the drive clean.

These LTO3 Ultrium 3 24R1922 cartridges have been discontinued by IBM and we still have 135 tapes left in stock.

High-capacity, high-reliability tape cartridge for LTO Generation 3 storage environments providing 400GB storage physical capacity (800 GB with 2:1 compression). Available in rewritable and write once read many cartridges (WORM). Designed to help improve read/write reliability by storing IBM statistical media read/write analysis on every use of the cartridge and adhere to widely supported Linear Tape-Open; (LTO) Ultrium; 3 design specifications. High-capacity media for data storage growth IBM is delivering high-capacity media that helps provide clients the ability to address the demanding growth in data storage. The increase in cartridge capacity helps reduce the amount of equipment, space and human intervention required for daily tape operations. In addition, it helps reduce the number of cartridges needed for backup and restore operations and thus lowers operational costs. Features you need With the IBM TotalStorage® LTO Ultrium 400 GB Data Cartridge, IBM continues to focus on providing high quality, high-reliability tape technology for your business. The cartridges are part of a long line of IBM data cartridges designed to improve data integrity for organizations around the world. The cartridges have been optimized and tested extensively for use in IBM LTO tape drives and libraries to help maximize performance, minimize data loss and improve data longevity. They are designed to withstand rigors of normal use in stand-alone and automated environments. Each cartridge is embedded with an LTO Cartridge Memory (LTO-CM) chip which is designed to enable fast, simultaneous transfer of cartridge-dependent data with tape drives during media load and unload cycles. The gray cartridge color helps distinguish it from previous generations of IBM LTO Ultrium Media. The IBM TotalStorage LTO Ultrium 400 GB Data Cartridge can be used in products featuring LTO Gen3 tape technology. As your storage needs grow, your data cartridge can continue providing value to help maximize your investment.
Common features
* LTO technology
* Up to 400 GB native capacity
* Up to 80 MBps native data throughput
* Up to 128 MB buffer
* Backward read & write compatible
* Digital speed matching
* WORM support
* Open systems support (Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Microsoft Windows Server® 2003; Sun Solaris 8, 9; HP-UX 11.0, 11; Linux Red Hat® Enterprise Server 3, SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 8; AIX 5L™ 5.1, 5.2, 5.3; and Novell® Netware®)
Hardware features
* Bare drive
* 5 1/4 inch form factor
* IBM & non-IBM server attach
* Ultra 160 SCSI LVD connectivity
* Native 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel connectivity
* Built for direct-attach, library, SAN & NAS environments
To prevent condensation and for long life, the IBM LTO 3 Ultrium Data Cartridges should only be operated in or stored in the following conditions. 
10-45 degrees Celsius/Centigrade and 20-80% Humidity 
16-35 degrees Celsius/Centigrade and 20-80% Humidity 
Handle the IBM LTO Ultrium cartridge carefully. It may be damaged or degraded if it is dropped. Labels should be placed on the front side of the cartridge in the recessed area. Do not put labels anywhere else on the cartridge as this can damage the drive or cause load errors. When not in use IBM LTO cartridges should be stored and transported in their plastic clam-shell case. Do not store cartridges in direct sunlight.



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