Imation LTO1 Ultrium1 Data Cartridge

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The Imation LTO1 tape or Imation LTO Ultrium1 Data Cartridge has up to 100GB native capacity and up to 200GB compressed capacity. The Imation LTO1 tape cartridge is suitable for read and write in LTO1 or LTO Ultrium 1 drives, is suitable for read and write in LTO2 or LTO Ultrium 2 drives and is suitable for read only in LTO3 or LTO Ultrium 3 drives.
For the option of LTO barcode labels attached to your tapes please see Application of Tape Barcode Labels for details.
Robust cartridge construction consists of:
* Patented three-piece tape spool design—Distributes stress more evenly over the tape, guides tape by keeping it flat, and protects data across the entire tape
* Factory written servo pattern—Allows closer track spacing, more data, and keeps heads aligned on the data tracks for precise data reading/writing
* Patented corner snap—Keeps leader pin in place, cartridge tightly closed, and allows tape to flow freely.
* Up to 200GB storage capacity (compressed 2:1)
* 20-40MB/second transfer rate (2:1 compression)
* Limited lifetime warranty
* Made in USA

Imation have discontinued the LTO 1 tape cartridge (66-0001-0841-6). We only have 92 left in stock. Email or call 1300 788 824 for any enquiries.



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