Imation Travan-3 1.6/3.2GB cartridge

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The Imation Travan-3 Cartridge is called the Travan 3 or TR-3 tape and has up to 1.6GB native capacity and up to.3.2GB compressed capacity. These Imation Travan 1.6GB/3.2GB pre-formatted cartridges are able to be read and written to TR-3 drives. They can be used in other brands of Travan drives like HP, Imation, Seagate, IBM, Tandberg, Exabyte, AIWA and Tecmar.
Imation have discontinued the Travan-3 Cartridge. We have only 1 tape left in stock and these are available for overseas purchase as well. Please email or call (+612) 9771 3533 for any enquiries.



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