Imation Travan 40GB Tape Cartridge

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The Imation Travan 40GB tape cartridge (5122-42467/51122-15874) holds up to 20GB native capacity and up to 40GB in compressed capacity. The TR-7 drive that uses the 40GB Travan tape has a transfer rate of 4MB/s in Travan 640 format. These Imation Travan 40GB preformatted cartridges are able to be read and written to TR-7 drives. They can be used in other brands of Travan drives like HP, Quantum and Seagate TapeStor Travan 40 and Hornet 40.

Imation have discontinued the Travan 40GB Data Cartridge. We have 189 tapes left in stock and these are available for overseas purchase as well. Please email or call (+612) 9771 3533 for any enquiries.



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