Imation SLR50 MLR3 25GB/50GB Data Cartridge

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The Imation SLR50 data cartridge (66-0000-6623-4 or 12096) is also known as MLR3, with up to 25GB native capacity and up to 50GB compressed capacity. The SLR50 drive writes in the MLR-3 format.The Imation SLR50 tape is designed for use in a SLR50 drive and can also be read and written to in a SLR60, SLR75, SLR100 and SLR140 drive.
Based on linear recording technology, SLR media and drives provide outstanding performance and dependability through:
* Fewer moving parts
* Reduced tape stress
* Linear tape path contained entirely within the cartridge
* Metal base plate delivering dimensional stability

Imation have discontinued the SLR50 / MLR3 Data Cartridge (66-0000-6623-4). We have 76 tapes left in stock. Email or call (02) 9771 3533 for any enquiries.



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