Oracle StorageTek T10000 T1 Tapes for A & B Drives 003-0519-02

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The Oracle/StorageTek T10000 T1 Tapes 003-0519-02 are designed for use in Oracle T10k A & B drives. The Oracle/StorageTek T10k tapes come as standard blank T10k T1 tapes 003-0519-02, or labelled T10k T1 tapes 003-0519-02-L, and labelled & initialised (L&I) T10k T1 tapes 003-0519-02-LI. Oracle provides a limited warranty for their tapes. These T10k T1 data cartridges have been discontinued by Oracle StorageTek. We still have access to some through distribution and a small number in stock. T10K T1 CARTRIDGE HANDLING: Handle the cartridges carefully as they may be damaged when dropped. Labels should be applied to the front recessed area only and don't put labels on any surface of the tape. Do not place the cartridge near a source of high-intensity magnetic fields like PC monitors, electric motors, stereo speakers or hard drives. Do not touch or expose the tape itself. Natural skin oils and dust can contaminate the tape and degrade its performance. Always store and operate your T10k tape within the following condition ranges; OPERATION 10-45 degrees Centigrade 20-80% relative humidity 26 degrees Centigrade - maximum wet bulb temperature STORAGE 15-26 degrees Centigrade 15-50% relative humidity 26 degrees Centigrade - maximum wet bulb temperature

Oracle limited warranty is defined here! See Section 3. Oracle Hardware Limited Warranty, specifically in the 3rd Paragraph.



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