Oracle SUN StorageTek LTO4 Ultrium 4 Data Cartridge 003-4391-01

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The Oracle SUN StorageTek LTO4 Ultrium 4 Tape 003-4391-01 has a native capacity of up to 800GB and a compressed capacity of up to 1.6TB. The Oracle SUN LTO Ultrium 4 cartridge has a transfer rate of up to 120MB/sec while writing data in native capacity and up to 240MB/sec while writing data in compressed capacity. The Oracle SUN LTO4 tapes have 896 tracks and a tape length of 820 meters. These Oracle LTO4 tapes has a lifetime durability of 1,000,000 passes. A pass is each time the tape changes direction so a backup could have over 1,000 passes depending on the data written.The Oracle SUN StorageTek LTO 4 tapes are backward compatible and therefore able to be read or written to in all LTO4 or LTO Ultrium 4 and LTO5 or LTO Ultrium 5 drives, and can be read only in all LTO6 or LTO Ultrium 6 drives. For the option of LTO barcode labels attached to your tapes please see Application of Tape Barcode Labels for details. THESE ARE FREE OF CHARGE FOR THIS BRAND. PLEASE SEE THE OPTION WHEN PURCHASING. Oracle SUN StorageTek Drives and all other drives that use the Oracle SUN StorageTek LTO Ultrium 4 data cartridges are recommended to use the Oracle SUN StorageTek LTO Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridge to keep the drive clean.

Oracle/Sun/StorageTek have discontinued these LTO Ultrium 4 tapes and we have 147 left in stock. Email or call (02) 9771 3533 for any enquiries.

Features and Benefits
LTO Ultrium technology is an economical, high performance data cartridge for your tape automation environment.
Improves tape automation efficiency
High reliability helps keep data safe and designed for high data integrity
Reduced Costs
Drive Compatibility
High Capacity
High Durability
Application Flexibility
Reduced Costs - time and money.

The high capacities of these cartridges, 400GB native - 800GB compressed, can help you reduce the number of cartridges you buy and maintain, minimize tape mounts, and improve your tape automation efficiency. Oracle Sun StorageTek's LTO Ultrium data cartridges are compatible with the tape drives from all the manufacturers of LTO Ultrium devices. High Durability - Data protection is investment protection StorageTek LTO Ultrium data cartridges are tested for one million tape passes. This high reliability helps keep data safe and protects cartridge investments. Application Flexibility Backup and restore - When you use these data cartridges with LTO Ultrium tape drives, you can accelerate backup and restore processes by processing more data in less time. LTO Ultrium data cartridges are designed for high data integrity, and their high capacity reduces the number of mounts and dismounts, saving time and equipment wear. Disaster recovery LTO Ultrium tape drives and LTO Ultrium data cartridges are an integral part of site-wide disaster recovery processes for remotely vaulting data in tape form. Here again, high data integrity and a long life help protect your investment. Archiving your volumes of archival data are growing fast. LTO Ultrium data cartridge capacities can help you reduce the number of tapes you need to archive that growing data.



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