Quantum DLT IV Tape THXKD-02

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The Quantum DLT 4 DLTIV Tape THXKD-02, has a native capacity of up to 40GB, and up to 80GB compressed capacity. It works with the Quantum DLT 8000, 7000, 4000, 4500 and 4700 drives (the 4000 series will achieve 20GB maximum uncompressed) and is compatible with 20GB/40GB, 35GB/70GB, and 40GB/80GB tape drives. It is also compatible with other DLT drives. The tape is metal particle, .498 inches wide, and 1828 feet long.
* Durability, with up to one million passes with a negligible impact on soft error rates and a 30-year archival life
* A write-protect switch that prevents accidental erasure
* Shock-resistant cartridge combined with a durable plastic container that protects against corrosion; and a patented tape leader which delivers consistent tape motion while a unique tape/reel locking mechanism prevents tape slack.
Only the Quantum DLTtape IV provides 5.0mb/sec. transfer rates in a DLT 7000 drive. Format: DLT IV (TK88) Drive System: DLT 7000, 4000, 4500 and 4700 Capacity: 35GB Native/70GB Compressed (Also compatible with 20GB/40GB, 35GB/70GB, and 40GB/80GB tape drives)

Quantum have discontinued the DLT 1V or DLT4 THXKD-02 tapes and we only have 2 left in stock. Email sales@stutchdata.com.au or call 1300 788 824 for any enquiries.



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