Sony Magneto Optical (MO) Disk 600MB RW EDM-600B/C

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The Sony Magneto Optical (MO) 600MB Disk is a 5.25" or 130mm ReWritable (RW) disk with up to 600MB capacity, writing at 512 byte/sector. The Sony MO 600MB RW disk is also know as EDM-600B/EDM600B or EDM-600C/EDM600C. The Sony Magneto Optical (MO) 600MB Disk provides durability even in the most demanding applications,(such as autochangers) and can withstand at least 100,000 loads / unloads per side. The Sony MO 600MB Disk ensures longevity of your precious data as it relies on the life of the medium on which is it stored! With 10 million record / playback cycles and 50 years archival life. Sony provides data security. (Estimated storage life based on in-house test results.) Sony provides customers with full technical backup through technical support centers around the world. Suitable for read and write in Sony MO SMO-501 drives, Sony MO SMO-F521 drives and Sony MO SMO-S521 drives. Suitable for read only in all Sony SMO drives and all Sony ROM MO drives.

Sony have discontinued the EDM600B/EDM600C MO RW 600MB disk. We have only 1 available left in stock.



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