Sony Magneto Optical (MO) Disk 1.2GB RW EDM-1200B/C

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The Sony Magneto Optical (MO) Disk 5.25" ReWritable (RW) 1.2GB, 512 byte/sector, 130mm, also called EDM-1200B/EDM1200B or EDM-1200C/EDM1200C. High speed random access and massive storage capacity make Magneto Optical disks from Sony the perfect storage solution for your home or business. In addition to their utility as an external storage device, they may also be used for LAN and Web servers, computer graphics, CAD/CAM, storage of X-ray and ultra sound images, non-linear audio/video editing and document archiving. May also be used for large scale libraries and juke boxes that require high speed disk changes.

Sony have discontinued the EDM-1200B/EDM-1200C MO RW 1.2GB disks. We have only 26 available left in stock.



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