Sony QIC 1.2GB QD9120B Data Cartridge SLR3

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The Sony QIC 1.2GB QD9120B data cartridge which holds up to 1.2GB and up to 2.4GB compressed capacity. It is equivalent to the IBM 21F8730 data cartridge. The QD9120B cartridge writes and reads data in QIC-1000C or QIC-1000 standard format also called DC9120 or Magnus 1.2GB; and is now called the SLR3. Sony QD9120B tape is Quarter Inch Cartridge (QIC) and is 289.6m or 950 ft long and writes at 0.3MB/sec. They can be read and written to in SLR3 or QIC-1000, SLR4 or QIC-2GB, QIC-2GB (DC), QIC-4GB-DC or SLR5 4/8GB, MLR-1 QIC-5010-DC tape drives.

Sony have discontinued the QIC 1.2GB cartridge (QD9120B). We only have 5 tapes available left in stock and these are also available for overseas purchase as well. Email or call (02) 9771 3533 for any enquiries.

- by Jim, 2015-04-03 11:04:44

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SONY QIC 1.2GB QD9120B TAPES ain't even worth a dollar, sorry mates.

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