Sony DDS-2 Data Cartridge DGD120P

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The Sony 4MM 120M DDS-2/DDS2/DDS 2 120 metre tape, has a native capacity of up to 4GB and a compressed capacity of up to 8GB.
Outstanding durability and tape travel stability Sony's highly durable HCL (High Cross Linkage) binder raises reliability and durability to withstand the stress of repeated use. In addition, Sony's RDP mechanism sandwiches the tape between textured sheets to support smooth tape winding. The cartridge lid is made of strong plastic to protect the tape against accidental drops or mechanical shock. Unique low torque cartridge As tape winds onto a reel, torque rises along with diameter. To minimize this torque effect in fast-forward and rewind search modes, Sony uses special designs for the DDS hubs, lower sheet, and lower shell. The shell also improves overall cartridge strength to minimize potential deformation under external stress.
Thin dual-layer coating technology Sony DDS3 and DDS4 tapes use a dual-layer coating comprising an ultra-thin magnetic layer and a nonmagnetic layer. The ultra-thin magnetic layer provides high output even in the high frequency range essential for high-density recording. The nonmagnetic layer creates a smooth surface to support tape travel stability and durability.
Ultra-fine magnetic particles Although smaller magnetic particles are more difficult to disperse within the binder, Sony's high dispersion technology achieves outstanding results even with ultra-fine particles. The magnetic particles for DDS3 and DDS4 tapes are approximately 0.1µm (100nm), but the output value for the shortest recorded wavelength is 5dB or higher than that of DDS2.

Sony have discontinued the DDS-2 data cartridge DGD120P and we only have 3 left in stock! Please call us on 1300 788 824 or email us at



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