Sony AIT-1 91GB Tape SDX1-35C

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The Sony SDX1-35C or SDX135C 91GB AIT-1 tape has up to 35GB native capacity and up to 91GB compressed capacity depending on the data. The Sony SXDX1-35C data cartridge can be read and written to in AIT-1 drives such as SDX-300, SDX-400 and SDX-500 series, AIT-1 turbo drives such as SDX-450, SDX-460 and SDX-470 series, AIT-2 drives such as SDX-500 and SDX-520 series, AIT-2 turbo drives such as SDX-550 and SDX-560 and SDX-570 series and AIT-3 drives such as SDX-700 series. The Sony SXDX1-35C data cartridge can be read only in a AIT-3Ex drive such as SDX-800 series.
Like the SDX1-25C, the SDX1-35C is also an AIT-1 tape and also features a MIC (Memory In Cassette) but is 64k, a flash memory chip which stores file tables and table of contents so that the information, data or file you are looking for in your AIT-1 tape can be easily and quickly found. The AIT-1 91GB SDX1-35C tape also uses AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) tape which allows it to maximize recording performance through the 100% pure cobalt formulation. And similar to the SDX1-25C, the SDX1-35C also has a DLC (Diamond Like Coating) for its tape surface for longevity and reliability. In fact the only real difference is that the SDX1-35C has a 230m length tape (as compared to the 170m length tape of the SDX1-25C) which allows it to store 35 GB of native data and up to 91 GB of compressed data (with a compression ratio of 2.6:1). You may require firmware upgrades for your AIT-1 drives to use the SDX1-35C tape cartridges.
All the AIT drives that use SDX1-35C Sony AIT-1 91GB tape cartridges are recommended to use the Sony SDX1-CL AIT 1-3 Drive Cleaning Cartridge to clean and maintain the AIT drive in top condition.

Sony have discontinued the AIT-1 91GB data cartridge SDX1-35C. We only have 39 tapes available left in stock. Email or call (02) 9771 3533 for any enquiries.



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