SONY D8 Mammoth Data Cartridges QGD170ME

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Sony D8 MAMMOTH 170m tape QGD170ME has a native capacity of up to 20GB and a compressed capacity of up to 40GB.
20GB recording capacity, 3MB/second transfer rate The QGD170ME outpaces conventional models with six times the transfer rate and three times more recording capacity. The AME tape has recording capacities of 20GB native and 40GB compressed, and achieves respective transfer rates of 3MB and 6MB per second. Metal evaporated process for AME tape Pure cobalt hyper evaticle magnetic particles created by metal evaporated process provide the highest performance achieved yet. The AME tape boasts a higher packing density, more uniform magnetic particle dispersion, and a greater active magnetic particle area, so that huge volumes of digital data can be recorded with ease. DLC protective Layer for high durability The tape is constructed with an extremely hard, anti-abrasive protective layer called DLC (Diamond Like Carbon), which means there is very little increase in friction even with repeated use.

Sony have discontinued the D8 170M mammoth data tape (QGD170ME). We only have 7 tapes available left in stock. Email or call (02) 9771 3533 for any enquiries.



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